We plan the family field trip in my old dad´s car, is a Volkswagen bug in color green. My little brother asks I he can wear his cowboy boots, my mom said yes and he exploited in happiness, he love that boots. The trip will last between 2 and 3 hours, in that dead time I read my new Bradbury book, it was Fahrenheit 451 lots of friends recommended to me. My brother is the most hyperactive kid, he doesn’t can stay quiet a minute. So my mom take out from one of  her crocodile bags the Cd he like, MC Hammer. When he listen that album he converts in a popular rap singer.

I read two chapters of the book and prefer to watch the landscape, was all green and at the bottom you can see the mountains covered whit white snow. The landscape was decorated with little white flowers that have the center of color yellow. I think were sunflowers. The situation was hilarious, seeing this beautiful landscape with White Mountains and listening can touch this form Mc Hammer and my brother singing and following the beat whit his cowboy boots. Good trip. My mom doesn´t like that song, she thinks is ordinary.

Finally we went to the cabin my mom make me take off the pair of crocodile bags whit her clothes, were heavy, I don´t know what my mom carried in those bags, I imagine only bricks we only will stay five days in there. The good news it was a lake near, the bad news the water was only for penguins, it was very cold.

In the night we made a fire and eat marshmallows with chocolate, my favorite dessert.  We chat about comic things my brother did in the school and the other kids in the school. He had a friend that they called the pig boy, poor kid he was seven years old and looks like a pig. My brother said that one day the pig boy got mad and throw away all the food of the kids and was yelling stop calling me Pig boy or I will punch your face. Nobody paid attention, the fathers of the pig boy removed his son to other school. My father saw the father and it was a huge pig man, he laughed a lot. My brother pissed of the pig boy, I don´t know his real name, and the he destroy the science project of my brother he got furious and kick the face of pig boy, poor boy can defend because he is fat. The principal call my fathers and explain the situation, one more of my brother and he will be expelled from school. My father’s scolded my brother and he promised he will be good with the pig boy, but the other kids no so he was removed.

The trip ended and we got back home. In the highway the car stopped, the water ended so my father walk like 10 miles to a store to bought some water. We continue and get home in the night. 

 The coach of the football team of University was a player of the cowboy Texas NFL team, he was from that city and always wears cowboy boots. This coach was a really good because the university was the champion of de college league, there wasn´t a team that can defet them, they were the terrible texas team.  The next season will start on june so they were preparing to start with the right foot.

The quarterback was from texas to so he wears all the time the cowboy boots and has a store of crocodile bags and other stuff. The entire town knows the store because one day burned all and they loses all the things, they need to restart from the ashes. The fire was caused because of a Christmas tree suddenly fire up in the middle of the night, the fireman came but it was late all the store was black, consumed by de flames. In six months the store was opened again. Fast they recover their lost.

The town was small so all the people know each other and anything that happens in there it is talk in the street, the market, the schools, the coffee shops and all the places where the people coexists. Sometimes this can be good and sometimes it can be bad. The situation of the store was a good one, but other times if the people talk shit about a family or a teacher or someone else all the town will see that person bad, they will considered a bad influence for the good traditions and moral thinking of the town. The myth says that once upon a time a couple that recently arrive to the town where considered thief’s. The situation was that a real criminal, never knew who was and what he steal some money put the evidence in the car of this innocent couple. The police investigate and even they proof the innocence of these people, the town considers them dangerous, because they can steal anything, in any moment, all the people said you´ll never know

So it was too much uncomfortable for the couple that they decided to get out of the town, they can even eat peacefully in a restaurant because all people see them and talks about them. It was horrible. The owner of the crocodile bags store put tv cameras to watch if thiefs do something and catch them.

When the young couple leave the town all the people start to say the get out for one reason, they were guilty, and get scared and start to protect the town of any criminal and even terrorist, this people star acting like crazy and neurotic. One day a car was parked for days  in front of a mall, and the people strat thinking and saying that it was a bomb, so they call the marines, the army, the FBI all the freaking police in the United States. At the end this car was from an old man that dies few days ago and nobody pick up the car.  

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